The dynamic development of businesses requires a legal team to provide effective solutions, hence, our aim is to support you in finding all the answers to your legal related questions. We deliver flexible legal services mainly in the following areas: Corporate law, Business law, Labour law.

Business related law has a great impact on each entity, therefore, we offer legal advice in preparation and analysis of contracts and contractual relationships, sample agreements, general business terms, employment contracts, HR related matters, elaboration of internal rule of a company, setting up a system of its control, unfair trade, risk management and other related services.

Legal Aid, Assistance,
Juridical representation,
Company formation,
Trade Registry, Financial Agency,
VAT registration, Obtaining
Permits and Licenses
Agreements, Contracts,
Notices, Purchase agreements,
Deeds, Wills and Testaments,
Settlement Agreements,
Authorizations, Licenses
Litigation in Commercial law,
Labour law, Family law,
Corporate law, Hearings,
Representation, Court actions
Claims, Raising actions,
Defending actions, Procedures,
European Court of Human Rights,
Civil Law, Filing complaints,
Tort claims, Contract claims
Settlement, Dispute resolution
Outside courtroom, Commercial
Transactions, Personal injury,
Divorce, Domestic relations,
Negotiation, Meetings,
Private sessions, Confidentiality
Defense, Criminal Investigation,
Criminal charges, Sentencing, Appeals,
Witness Statements, Analysis of
Evidence, Police reports,
Early Proceedings, Arrest,
Filing complaints